Safety Incentive Programs: Is Mine Legal?

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About This Course:
You might think that using incentives and rewards for safety improvement is good, but OSHA has repeatedly made their position clear: safety incentive programs that punish employees for getting injured are unacceptable.

So how do you utilize a Safety Incentives/Rewards Program that doesn't run afoul of OSHA, which believes that most incentive programs are nothing more than "blame the worker" programs because they "punish workers for reporting injuries", and they "reward workers for not reporting injuries"?

Well...if your organization is one of the thousands that have a Safety Incentive Program in place, you'll need to know what's acceptable, as well as what needs revising/updating, and that is where this training session can help!What You'll Learn:This training session discusses how to develop a new - or revise an existing - Incentive/Reward Program that will help you promote positive safety behaviors in your workers - and stand up to OSHA scrutiny!

By attending this training session, you and your co-workers will learn:
  • What OSHA says about incentive/reward programs
  • How OSHA cites employers for having or not having an incentive/reward program
  • The various types of incentive/reward programs currently being used
  • The differences between an incentive and a reward
  • What sort of programs actually work
  • How you can create a program or revise your current program so that it will both satisfy OSHA and improve our safety program
  • Elements of successful safety incentive/reward programs
  • Alternatives to incentive and reward programs
  • Critical elements to have in place BEFORE considering an incentive program
Safety Incentive Programs: Is Mine Legal?
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