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Fleet Safety Training

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Fleet Safety Programs For Fleet Compliance Administrators and Employees

Employee operation of motor vehicles not only opens your business up to the possibility of significant financial loss as a result of damaged property and injury to employees and/or involved parties, but also makes your public image susceptible to damage as a result of poor driving perceptions or negative public reaction to an unfortunate accident.

The key to controlling these accidents and their harmful repercussions is a comprehensive fleet safety program.

What Is A Fleet Safety Training Program?

A fleet safety program establishes the policies and procedures that are needed to help ensure a safe work environment for employees. It can also help protect against liability from vehicle accidents. I should include items such as in-person and online driver training courses, meetings and workshops, and rewards and incentives.

According to the National Safety Council, defensive driving safety training has proven to be an effective solution to:
  • Control liability costs associated with work-related vehicle crashes
  • Reduce insurance premiums and fleet repair bills
  • Reduce motor vehicle incident rates
  • Decrease workers' compensation claims
  • Improve productivity by keeping employees safe, on and off the job
  • Protect your brand by improving public perception of your driving practices
Comprehensive Fleet Safety Training is your one-stop resource for Fleet Compliance Administrators to find effective fleet safety programs to help your business safely manage fleet repair and maintenance, and effectively reduce injury and property damage related to the operation of company vehicles.

At the Safety Training Center you'll find numerous fleet safety training programs to ensure that your staff is equipped with all the necessary training required to meet government regulations and encourage responsible operation of company vehicles.

In addition to driver safety seminars, other fleet safety training products and services available include on-site and behind-the-wheel training courses, risk management assessment, and more!

Find out how a fleet safety training program can benefit your business today!

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Find Fleet Safety Training Courses

The Safety Training Center offers fleet safety training programs, manuals, and DVDs, plus an assortment of fleet management training and fleet compliance officer training products and seminars.

To find your desired fleet safety training products or services, select "Fleet" from the "Professional Development" section of the search box below.

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