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Safety Incentive Programs

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About Safety Incentive Programs

According to OSHA, "a safety incentive program encourages or rewards workers for reporting injuries, illnesses, near-misses, or hazards; and/or recognizes, rewards, and thereby encourages worker involvement in the safety and health management system."

A good Safety Incentive Program ensures that the program fits the goals and objectives of your organization, and should involve your employees in both the development and implementation.

Safety Incentive / Reward Program Training Courses

Incentive/Reward Programs are effective tools in reducing accidents. But if not designed correctly, OSHA will be pleased to hit your organization with fines in the thousands of dollars.

Specifically, OSHA has repeatedly stated that safety incentive programs that punish employees for getting injured are unacceptable, and that most existing safety incentive programs are nothing more than "blame the worker" programs because they "punish workers for reporting injuries, and they reward workers for not reporting injuries". As a result, OSHA is carefully inspecting safety incentive programs and looking for ways to cite companies for violating various OSHA Standards.

So if your organization has a safety incentive programs in place, you'll need to know what's acceptable, as well as what needs revising/updating.

What You'll Learn From Our Safety Incentive Programs Training Courses
  • What OSHA says about incentive/reward programs
  • How OSHA cites employers for having or not having a safety incentive/reward program
  • The various types of safety incentive/reward programs currently being used
  • The differences between an incentive and a reward
  • What sort of programs actually work
  • How you can create a program or revise your current program so that it will both satisfy OSHA and improve our safety program
  • Elements of successful safety incentive/reward programs

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