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Safety / EHS Metrics

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Safety / EHS Metrics Training Courses

Organizations know that tracking performance is critical to continual improvement and success. Yet in the area of safety, many companies have struggled to identify measurements that have a strong correlation to successful safety performance.

Yes, safety metrics can help discover problems before they negatively impact your employees - and your bottom line. And by selecting the right things to measure, your organization can prevent expensive mistakes in the workplace by fixing any problems before they can impact your business. But what, exactly, are the right metrics for your organization?

What Are Safety Metrics?

Safety Metrics are measurable values that can be used to track and evaluate against specific business objectives. Examples include measuring the number and amount of accidents, "near misses", and fines. In other words, Safety Metrics help determine how well your organization is performing.

Safety Metrics can drive performance toward more efficient use of resources, profitability, and the general health and well-being of your organization and its workers.

What You'll Learn From Our Safety / EHS Metrics Training Courses
  • Definitions of key terms, such as recordable rate, severity rate, leading indicators, trailing indicators, incident rates, and more
  • Which EHS measures make the most sense to track and why they have the greatest impact on your company's safety and health program
  • How to include benchmarking considerations in your EHS measurement systems
  • Important considerations for using audit results as a key measure of safety performance improvement
  • How to best identify and evaluate resources to assist you in developing your EHS metrics program
  • How to include benchmarking in your EHS measurement systems
  • How inspection and audit findings impact metrics
  • How to integrate new metrics into safety goals, objectives, and performance appraisals
  • Ideas for utilizing measurement techniques to track and improve performance

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