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Root Cause Analysis In Accident Investigations

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About This Course:
Even with a great safety system in place, there is always a risk of injury or a near-miss incident. When this happens, steps must be taken to prevent a future occurrence. By conducting a well-planned and organized accident investigation, we can determine what really caused the incident and help to prevent it from re-occurring.

We know that OSHA requires that employers investigate accidents, but having an effective accident investigation process just makes good business sense, as taking steps to prevent recurrence of an injury accident can increase production, reduce missed work days, decrease workers' compensation insurance costs and, above all, keep your workers safe.

Additionally, the results of an effective accident investigation can be invaluable if you end up in court over an injury

This detailed and interactive training session takes you through the steps of an accident investigation, shows you how to find the actual cause, and how to develop effective corrective actions.

What You'll Learn:
  • The areas that must be considered in an accident investigation
  • How to collect and analyze evidence in order to establish the facts
  • Tips for interviewing witnesses and the injured employee
  • An overview of tools used in, and principles of, "root cause analysis", including the Fishbone Chart, Cause Mapping, Barrier and Change Analysis, and Fault Tree Analysis
  • A walkthrough of the investigation process using an example case
  • The items that should be included in your accident investigation report
  • How to develop and implement corrective action recommendations
  • Why accident investigations fail - and how to avoid common pitfalls
Course Details
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