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Incentives And Awards: Creating An Effective Program That Won't Raise Red Flags With OSHA

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Employee motivation and engagement are constantly cited as the top pain points by safety professionals. In an effort to gain buy-in from frontline workers, many safety professionals turn to a system of rewards and punishments for safety-related behaviors and outcomes.

However, for such systems to be successful, they must be designed and implemented strategically, balancing best practices for instilling motivation with practical and legal considerations.

Consistent discipline is a crucial component of any safety program, but many safety professionals are tempted to rely too heavily on punitive strategies. Punishment might lead to short-term compliance improvements, but it won't instill a strong culture of safety.

Similarly, although incentivizing safe behaviors and safety performance can produce real gains in engagement, it is crucial to ensure that the incentives don't lead to underreporting or other unintended consequences.

Join us for an all-new webinar designed to teach you how to strike a balance between safety incentives and discipline, so you're well-positioned to avoid the temptation of over-relying on punitive strategies to enforce your safety policies.What You'll Learn:
  • Leverage an understanding of human motivation and behavior to engage employees in your safety program
  • Identify effective incentives with the potential to engage employees and improve safety culture
  • Avoid legal traps and pitfalls of poorly designed incentive and disciplinary programs, including OSHA's latest guidance on incentive programs
  • Appropriately use of discipline within a safety program-and avoid the temptation to over-rely on punitive strategies to enforce safety policies
  • Develop a balance of incentives and disciplinary policies that works for your organization
Incentives And Awards: Creating An Effective Program That Won't Raise Red Flags With OSHA
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