Ethics Of Safety Leadership

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About This Course:
This training session covers the moral, legal, and financial responsibilities of a workplace safety leadership team.

Why take this training? OSHA considers anyone in a position of authority over another (regardless of title) as having a legal responsibility to ensure their safety. The consequences of workplace safety miss-management that causes death or a serious injury may result in a felony conviction and/or even jail-time.What You'll Learn:By attending this training session, you and/or your team will learn how to rally all levels of your management team to implement an effective safety culture - one that promotes engagement and expectations of safe behaviors.

You will learn:
  • Safety leadership concepts where safety should be a core company value not a priority that changes
  • OSHA's expectations of every employer to provide a safety and healthy workplace free form "recognized hazards", how to identify those hazards and the hierarchy of controls
  • The impact and true cost of accidents, how workers compensation insurance is impacted by injuries and how those injuries affect the overall health of an organization through increased costs and potential loss of good will
  • How to review employee behaviors and workplace conditions that contribute to workplace accidents and the detailed investigative techniques to prevent recurrence

We'll also cover key areas of workers compensation, specifically how accidents increase the costs of insurance, affect employee morale, the impact these accidents have on the public perception of organizations, and ways to protect against these issues.
Continuing Education Credits:

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