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Differentiating Between ICE Raid And Audits: How To Respond

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About This Course:
In 2019, ICE workplace investigations, which can lead to an ICE raid, quadrupled compared to those under the Obama administration. Oftentimes, employers have little or no time to prepare for an ICE raid or audit.

Because this trend will continue in 2020, this course will help businesses and their compliance teams understand the differences between an ICE raid and an ICE audit and describe what you should or should not do in these situations.

The information will also guide you with how to best avoid a raid or audit. As you will learn, the Form I-9 is a critical component of ICE investigations, and employers may face significant fines based on non-compliant Forms I-9 and supporting documentation.

As such, this material describes best practices for completing and managing Forms I-9 and for assessing employee work authorization documents and issues that arise from document fraud, social security mismatch notices, and other related issues. Additionally, the class provides recommendations on how to implement an immigration compliance plan that makes sense based on the size and industry of your company to minimize the risk of an ICE raid or audit.What You'll Learn:ICE Workforce Enforcement at Record High
  • Increased ICE Workplace Audits in 2019
  • Large Scale ICE Raids in 2019
  • Should Employers Expect a Continued Barrage of ICE Activity in 2020
ICE Raid vs. ICE Workplace Enforcement Audit
  • What Issues Trigger ICE Showing up at Your Company's Doorsteps
  • ICE Audits
  • What Is an ICE Audit and What Issues Arise During an Audit
  • The Form I9 and Liability It Can Create Beyond Monetary Fines
  • How ICE Audits May Convert Into a Criminal Investigation
  • ICE Raids
  • What Is an ICE Raid and What Issues Arise During a Raid
  • How ICE Raids Are Unlike Any Other Government Investigation
  • How Is an ICE Raid Different From an ICE Audit
Can an Employer Decrease the Chances of an ICE Audit or Raid?
  • How to Implement the Proper Level of Form I-9 Compliance That Makes Sense for Your Company
  • How to Conduct Form I-9 Audits That Make Sense for Your Workforce - One Type Does Not Fit All Companies
  • How to Manage Document Fraud Associated With the Form I-9
  • Know the Difference Between Actual and Constructive Knowledge in Relation to Form I-9 Compliance
  • Social Security Mismatch Letter
  • Letters Written to the Company About Document or ID Fraud
  • How to Manage an Employee's Form I9 Employment Authorization Changes
  • How to Avoid Being Overzealous and Not Create Form I-9 Discrimination Claims
Differentiating Between ICE Raid And Audits: How To Respond
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