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Best Practices For Navigating Employee Benefits After Termination

Webinar: ID# 1036924
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About This Course:
While many of us are familiar with the benefits that our employer can offer us during employment, many people are less aware of how these benefits will change or become relevant after employment terminates.

In this webinar, we will cover a broad overview of the different arrangements available after employment terminates related both to retirement and health. This includes COBRA, life and disability insurance, and various retirement plan arrangements.What You'll Learn:Health and Wellness
  • Retiree Health Insurance vs. Individual Marketplace
  • Retiree HRA
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance: Explanation of Each Type and Pros and Cons
  • State Sponsored Retirement Plans for Private Employers
  • IRC 401(k)
  • IRC 403(b) (Tax Sheltered Annuity Plans)
  • IRC 457
  • IRC 409
Best Practices For Navigating Employee Benefits After Termination
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