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When To Use Lockout-Tagout, When To Use Machine Guarding: A Task-Based Analysis

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OSHA continues to focus enforcement efforts on machine guarding and LOTO compliance, as many employers fail to comply with these rules. Machine Guarding and Lockout-Tagout standards are consistently on the list of the top 10 most frequently cited OSHA standards.

Both violations can occur with the same piece of machine or equipment, because it can be difficult to know when machine safeguards are not enough to protect workers and lockout/tagout is necessary. As a result, OSHA is issuing numerous citations and large penalties for violation of these two standards.

A major reason for these violations is the failure on the part of employers to comprehensively evaluate the work tasks that expose workers to hazardous energy and machine parts. Without such an evaluation of tasks that expose workers, it is impossible to establish consistently effective procedures to perform the work safely.

Join us for a webinar with Corporate Safety Engineer Jonathan Shaffer, CSP of Optimation who will address common questions such as whether lockout/tagout is required for maintenance work on a machine as long as it is switched off and guards are in place, it is not required when routine service or maintenance work is performed on a machine during normal production operations, and what's the process for evaluating work tasks on energized machines and equipment that expose workers to injury, and so much more.What You'll Learn:
  • Determine whether the service, repair, or maintenance work is part of normal production operations and machine guarding alone is sufficient to safely perform the work
  • Identify the tasks required to do the work and the associated hazards for worker exposure to injury
  • Develop controls and procedures that ensure LOTO is performed when energy isolation is required and when machine guards are sufficient to safely work without LOTO
  • Document the program that will be followed to ensure compliance and protect workers from injury
When To Use Lockout-Tagout, When To Use Machine Guarding: A Task-Based Analysis
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