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What To Expect From An OSHA Inspection: Strategies To Prepare For Inspections To Minimize Your Risk Of Citations

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We continue to see a high rate of inspections, higher penalties, record numbers of $100K+ citation packages, and a continuing rise in willful and repeat citations and criminal prosecutions. In short, the consequences for employers being caught ill-prepared for an OSHA inspection, and making bad choices during an inspection, are dire.

That knock on the door from OSHA is a source of anxiety for many employers, and more so if the organization lacks a strategic plan for responding to an inspection.

Many employers make the mistake of either reacting to OSHA in a manner that creates an adversarial tone or allowing the inspector unfettered access to the entire operation, both of which can increase the odds that an inspection will result in a significant enforcement action.

Understanding the process by which OSHA conducts inspections and the legal rights of the employer and employees during the process is critical to developing a sound strategy for handling an inspection from start to finish.

Join us for an in-depth webinar with two seasoned OSHA defense attorneys from Conn Maciel Carey LLP, who will explain what to expect during an OSHA inspection and what you can do today to reduce the risk of citations.

This webinar will provide employers with the knowledge and tools they need to prepare in advance for an OSHA inspection, and once an OSHA inspection begins, to manage it to a successful outcome.What You'll Learn:
  • How to recognize the key steps employers can take now to prepare in advance for an OSHA inspection
  • Employers', employees', and OSHA's rights during an OSHA inspection
  • Key strategies for effectively handling the inspection, from the opening conference and the walk around to the closing conference
  • How to identify the personnel who should be involved in an inspection and what their roles should be throughout the inspection process
  • Your options if citations are issued and know the best course of action to minimize financial and reputational harm to your organization
  • And more!

What To Expect From An OSHA Inspection: Strategies To Prepare For Inspections To Minimize Your Risk Of Citations
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