What The New Lockout/Tagout Revision Means For Your Workplace

Webinar: ID# 1002994
About This Course:
Lockout Tagout (LOTO) violations make OSHA's top ten violations list almost every year. This 90-minute training session will help you identify the commom violations (so you can fix and prevent them), as well as to develop and implement effective and compliant LOTO and machine guarding programs (to save future accidents and fines).What You'll Learn:In this session you and/or your team will learn how to:
  • Deal with the 3 most common LOTO trouble areas
    Avoid the top 5 LOTO failures in an OSHA inspection
  • Create and implement effective and compliant LOTO & Machine Guarding programs
  • Identify what you need to know about special LOTO requirements such as blanking & blinding, double-block & bleed, line breaking/misalignment, and valve lockout
  • Identify the different energy sources and methods for controlling them
  • Tips for writing machine-specific LOTO procedures
  • Use risk assessment and job hazard analysis tools in identifying and controlling hazards
  • Design effective employee training methods relating to LOTO and guarding including how to keep workers from modifying or removing guards
  • Decide if it's ever a good idea to run equipment without the guards in place
  • Use real-world 9-step LOTO procedure that works
  • Periodically inspect and audit both your LOTO and machine guarding programs to assure ongoing compliance
    Win management support for LOTO & Machine Guarding initiatives
  • Identify and evaluate outside resources to help your organization assure compliance with both the LOTO and machine guarding regulations
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