Understanding Mobile Apps For Safety And Onsite Training: On-The-Go Technology Opportunities And Challenges To Master

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About This Course:
There's been an explosion of EHS mobile applications ("apps") over the past few years. The available apps cover many of the traditional programs areas, including inspections, behavior-based safety (BBS) observation management, audits, learning and training, regulatory tracking, emergency and weather related activity, safety data sheets (SDSs), and job safety analysis (JSA)/job hazard analysis (JHA).

The biggest challenge for EHS professionals is to find and integrate mobile apps into their existing safety programs that will add value to their organization. This is tricky because some apps are mostly "talk" and don't deliver much substantive value.

The key is to understand which apps can be used effectively to supplement your safety program, not complicate it. This starts by having clear criteria for evaluating apps.

Join us to learn what apps can help you improve efficiency, effectiveness, compliance, cost reduction/control, and accident reduction. Our presenter is a certified safety professional and consultant who has helped many companies augment their safety programs by effectively using mobile applications-and she'll teach you how to do the same for your organization.

Learning Objectives:
  • Assess the evolution of mobile applications over the last five years and how the future is likely to unfold.
  • Determine how mobile apps can benefit your organization.
  • Address the technology issues associated with using mobile apps across an organization.
  • Assure that privacy and security issues are adequately addressed.
  • Evaluate EHS program areas where mobile apps have proven to be successful.
  • Assess specific mobile apps to determine if they will provide big payoffs of efficiency, effectiveness, compliance, cost reduction/control, and accident reduction.
  • Avoid the black holes, dead ends, and unproductive choices that can occur with poorly chosen or poorly implemented mobile applications.
  • Identify and evaluate outside resources to help in applying the right mobile applications to your EHS program.
Register now to learn how to evaluate mobile apps for safety and onsite training-and how to use the apps you've identified to achieve program efficiency and cost reductions.

About Your Presenter:
Abby Ferri, CSP is an independent risk control, safety, and health consultant. She earned her Master's Degree in Environmental Health and Safety, is an OSHA Outreach Trainer for Construction since 2003, and became a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) in 2008. She employs an intellectual, practical, and creative approach to the toughest health, safety, and environment challenges.

In Ferri's current role she is responsible for risk control, program development, training and regulatory compliance for construction, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, and retail clients throughout the United States and Canada. Her previous experience included managing all aspects of corporate safety, health, and environment programs in the construction industry and managing a large book of nationwide accounts in the insurance industry. Ferri has provided risk control, safety, health, and environmental consulting services for general contractors, subcontractors, fabrication facilities, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitals, retail, hospitality, restaurant, beverage and other construction and general industry workplaces.
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