Understanding Disability in the Workplace: LTD, STD, Workers' Compensation and Return-to-Work

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About This Course:
Most employers struggle with the problem of absenteeism as business objectives simply can't be met if employees aren't at work.

Managing absences related to an employee's illness or injury can be administratively burdensome and legally difficult, further complicated by the proliferation of federal, state, and local laws defining both paid and unpaid leave and disability entitlements.

In this webinar we will discuss the components of illness and injury benefits, including sick time, short- and long-term disability and workers' compensation.

You will learn how to take your program from theory to reality, focusing on identifying the right tactic, and effectively deploying resources to get the best shared outcome for the employee and the employer.


Fundamentals of Illness and Injury in the Workplace
  • Program Roll Call – From Sick Time to Long Term Disability, and Everything in Between
  • Programs That Provide Pay, and Those That Provide Job Protections and/or Benefit Continuation
  • Federal, State and Local Regulations Impacting These Programs
The Disabled Employee in the Workplace: A Hand's On Perspective
  • Return-to-Work and Advocacy Initiatives Focused on Reducing Lost Time and Improving Employee Health, Including Integrative Programs Combining Health, Wellness and Absence
  • Identifying Triggers for ADAAA, and Conducting the Interactive Process
  • Using Resources, Such as Vocational Rehabilitation
From Theory to Reality: Case Studies
  • Identifying and Overcoming Obstacles: Return-to-Work Coaching
  • Dealing With Sensitive Issues: Conduct and Hygiene Cases
  • Overcoming Resistance: Supervisor Strategies
  • When You Have to Say No
About The Presenter:

Ophelia Galindo
  • Principal in the Orange, California office of Buck Consultants, LLC, a Xerox Company
  • National lead of Buck’s Absence & Productivity Solutions specialty consulting practice
  • Provides expertise and leadership across the spectrum of absence-related issues, including leave of absence, occupational and nonoccupational time-off programs and disability plans
  • More than 27 years of consulting experience in the absence management specialty
  • Worked extensively in designing time-off and disability plans, establishing integrated programs and creating innovative metrics and reporting tools to demonstrate the impact of absenteeism and disability
  • Written extensively on the topics of disability and leave of absence management; her article, "Aging Grace", profiled the special patterns of occupational and nonoccupational disability among older workers, and was published in Benefits Canada in 2007
Understanding Disability in the Workplace: LTD, STD, Workers' Compensation and Return-to-Work
Available on CD format
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