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Underground Storage Tank Release Detection: How To Remain Compliant Under The EPA's Latest Update

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About This Course:
In 2015, the EPA updated the Underground Storage Tank (UST) regulations which included revisions to release detection equipment. UST systems that store petroleum or other hazardous substances must comply with the new regulations by October 2018. Over 9,000 releases from UST systems occur annually.

Gasoline, petroleum, and other hazardous substances are commonly stored in UST systems. A small leak, if unnoticed, can turn into an environmental and public health disaster. These regulated substances can contaminate soil and pollute groundwater resources.

The new regulations require UST owners and operators to have a method or combination of methods to detect releases from their UST systems.

To stay in compliance these tank systems must not only be installed, but also monitored for proper function. Any release of a regulated substance or unusual operating condition must be reported to the implementing agency within 24 hours or sooner depending on the implementing agency. Operators that report spills quickly can prevent releases from traveling offsite and contaminating a greater area.

Join us for an in-depth webinar with David Piercey, vice president of JD2 Environmental, and discover practical strategies for preventing UST system releases and staying in compliance with the EPA’s most recent regulatory update.

Learning Objectives:
  • How to detect, prevent and respond to a UST release
  • How to determine which release detection method to use
  • How to react to common release detection problems
  • The roles and reporting responsibilities when a release occurs
  • And more!
About Your Presenter:

David Piercey
Vice President
JD2 Environmental, Inc.

David J. Piercey is a Vice President and co-founder/owner of JD2 Environmental, Inc., where he manages storage tank programs for various commercial, industrial clients and government agencies. Mr. Piercey has over 30 years of experience in environmental and design engineering programs and is certified in numerous states throughout the country. Mr. Piercey has extensive experience in dealing with the intricacies of unique under and aboveground storage tank applications. In addition, he handles all aspects of overall facility issues, such as SPCC, wastewater, and oil/water separators. He has spent many years conducting environmental inspections and compliance audits of facilities throughout North America. Mr. Piercey provides both a technical and practical input in the management of storage tanks.

Mr. Piercey lectures for various training organizations, as well as for private companies on storage tanks and SPCC issues. His involvement in the courses includes presentations for both underground and aboveground tanks for New Tank System Design and Installation, Monitoring and Leak Detection, Proper Tank Inspections and Tank Closure. He is co-author of two books, "Underground Storage Tank Management: A Practical Guide, 5th Edition," and "Aboveground Storage Tank Management and SPCC Guide, 2nd Edition."

Mr. Piercey is a certified Steel Tank Institute SP001 Inspector and is a member of the Petroleum Equipment Institute; RP100, RP900 and RP1200 committee for storage tank inspections. He has also sat on USEPA discussion panels on current and future regulations and authored many articles on storage tank management. Mr. Piercey holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Neumann College, as well as many professional and state certifications including tank inspections, installation and closure.
Underground Storage Tank Release Detection: How To Remain Compliant Under The EPA's Latest Update
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