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Tricky Hazardous Waste And RCRA Adherence: Best Practices For Ensuring Ongoing Compliance Under EPA’s Final Rule

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About This Course:
ALERT: The EPA’s final hazardous waste generator regulations, which contain over 60 changes, are in effect as of May 30, 2017. The final generator rule creates new and expanded compliance obligations for hazardous waste generators and, in some cases, attempts to reduce a generator’s regulatory burden by providing greater flexibility in how facilities and employees manage their hazardous waste.

As a hazardous waste generator, your organization is responsible for determining whether or not a waste material is hazardous. You must properly identify, manage, and document the full cycle of the hazardous waste until it is disposed of or recycled.

If your organization’s waste is regulated under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), it is critical that you be able to identify the properties that make a waste material hazardous and understand how to manage the waste under the revised RCRA rules for generators.

Join us for an in-depth webinar, led by a seasoned environmental compliance expert Gery Giannini, where you will be provided a detailed review of the new regulations and examples of some tricky scenarios that environmental professionals may face as they navigate the compliance obligations under the new regulations.

You’ll learn:
  • How to determine when the hazardous waste regulations apply to your organization
  • Key trouble spots that may arise from the revised hazardous waste regulations
  • Real-life examples illustrating how to develop effective strategies for cost-effective compliance approaches
  • Common pitfalls generators should be prepared to avoid
  • Best practices for developing a comprehensive compliance strategy for going forward
About Your Presenter:

Gery Giannini, CET, CIT, MTM
Director of Safety Sales & Training
Heritage Group Safety

Gery P. Giannini, CET, CIT, MTM, is the Director of Safety Sales & Training at Heritage Group Safety. Gery is a consultant with a diversified background who performs site safety and compliance audits, assists customers in the design and development of site safety programs and can help customize site specific training programs. Some of his specialties are focused on, Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Programs and Chemical Hazard Response and Emergency Rescue. He employs a number of creative hands-on and tabletop training techniques in his courses to ensure competency in subject matter and that employees can demonstrate required technical skills.
Tricky Hazardous Waste And RCRA Adherence: Best Practices For Ensuring Ongoing Compliance Under EPA’s Final Rule
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