Trenching and Excavations Program - Written and Training Program Bundle

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About This Course:
Our Trenching and Excavation Safety Program Bundle provides the user with the editable written and training programs needed for establishing the requirements for a Corporate Trenching and Excavations safety program in accordance with 29CFR1926.650-652.

This Bundle provides the user with the needed editable written and training programs required for establishing a trenching and excavations program.

Covered topics include:

Surface encumbrances and underground installations safety guidelines
Protection from hazards associated with water accumulation
Protection from superimposed loads
Access and egress from excavations
Trench safety
Exposure to vehicular traffic
Exposure to falling loads
Warning systems for mobile equipment
Hazardous atmospheres
Personal protective equipment (PPE)
Material handling equipment
Stability of adjacent structures
Protection of employees from loose rock or soil site inspections of all protection
Training requirements
Protection of employees in excavations
Design of sloping and benching systems
Design of support systems
Shield systems
Other protective systems
Materials and equipment used for protective systems
Installation and removal of support systems
Other data as required by U.S. OSHA regulations
Numerous editable safety forms also are included!

WRITTEN PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The Written Program consists of a pre-written ready-to-edit safety program covering the common elements required both by OSHA and typical best management practices. Our Pre-Written and Ready-To-Edit Safety Programs are designed in Microsoft Word®. Our detailed safety templates make it possible for you to rapidly develop OSHA compliant written programs in minimum time. Numerous editable safety forms are included. Customize your own written safety program to meet site-specific requirements. Each program includes the following:

1. Standardized written format.
2. "Decision Points" indicate where you need to decide on site-specific requirements.
3. Numerous editable safety forms (Usually 20+ Per Bundle).
4. Written in plain, easy to understand language.

TRAINING PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The Safety Training Program consists of a professionally developed, stand-alone safety training course. All of our training courses contain eye catching photos, graphics, are fully editable and are provided in MS PowerPoint®. Our training courses provide you with everything you need to provide professional safety training. We can teach you over the phone how to handle all of the basic requirements of PowerPoint if you are not familiar with it. Each course includes the following:

1. Reproducible Student Handout.
2. Customizable Student Handout Cover.
3. Instructor Training Guide.
4. Test and Answer Sheets on CD (editable).
5. Certificate of Training on CD.
6. Training Acknowledgment Sheet.
7. Training Attendance Roster.
8. Synopsis of Training Sheet.
9. Employee Training Record.
10. New Employee Training Requirements Sheet.
11. Instructor Evaluation Forms.
12. 80 to 220 Training Slides per Course.
13. Course Objectives (editable).
14. Student Learning Outcomes (editable).
15. Printable as Overheads (flimsies).
16. Printable as 35mm Slides.
17. Projectable from a PC to Movie Screen.
18. May be Taught from a PC using Microsoft Slide Show.
19. Voice-Overs may be Added if your PC is so equipped.
20. Free OSHA Content and PowerPoint Phone Support.

NOTE: All Compliware courses and slides are standardized in design and format. All courses are editable for easy tailoring of your safety-training program to your site-specific requirements.


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Trenching and Excavations Program - Written and Training Program Bundle
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