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Top OSHA Recordkeeping Mistakes: Understanding The Obligations That Keep Safety Managers Up At Night

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OSHA Recordkeeping is an area of safety compliance that many employers struggle with every day, especially given all of the nuances of determining whether an injury is recordable. The stakes are higher than ever now because OSHA's electronic reporting rule is in effect and requires certain employers to directly transmit occupational injury and illness data to OSHA via the Injury Tracking Application (ITA). Willful or repeat violations could now cost your company up to $129,336, and the new penalties are especially significant if OSHA uses its egregious penalty process, under which your company can be assessed a separate penalty for each affected employee.

Understanding how to avoid OSHA recordkeeping mistakes affects your business' bottom line, which means safety managers are losing more sleep than ever worrying about keeping their organization legally compliant.

Join us with Phil Molé, EHS & Sustainability Expert with VelocityEHS. During this engaging session he will discuss the top OSHA recordkeeping mistakes to avoid so you can ensure OSHA compliance and minimize legal risks - and sleep better at night.

You'll learn:
  • The background and purpose of the recordkeeping rule
  • How to correctly complete Forms 300, 300A and 301
  • How to accurately determine if an injury is recordable
  • Details about the electronic reporting rule and the ITA
  • The most common mistakes employers make with recordkeeping compliance
About Your Presenter:

Phil Molé
EHS & Sustainability Expert

Before beginning his current role as an EHS & Sustainability Expert with VelocityEHS, Phil worked as a EHS consultant, helping clients meet their safety and environmental regulatory obligations and performing numerous Phase I Environmental Site Assessments across the United States and Canada. He had most recently been Global EHS Coordinator for John Crane.
Top OSHA Recordkeeping Mistakes: Understanding The Obligations That Keep Safety Managers Up At Night
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