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The Supervisor's Role In Safety: How To Prevent Incidents By Supporting Day-To-Day Management

Webinar: ID# 1001755
About This Course:
Your front-line supervisors must be fully committed to ensuring a safe work environment and be properly informed on how to actually achieve this to prevent incidents and injuries. This equally applies for success in quality, efficiency, and production. The supervisor is the critical lynch pin.

OSHA is currently exercising more vigorous prosecutions of companies and supervisors for willful and serious violations of OSHA regulations. Thus, a supervisor's role is especially critical to build the foundation for successful day-to-day accident free safety performance.

To ensure success, it's important to focus on ensuring that:
  1. Supervisors have a clear understanding of their safety responsibilities
  2. You're aware of the most important safety leadership and motivation tools and techniques to engage an increasingly diverse workforce
  3. You've got the resources and management support needed for your pursuits, as well as recommended training courses or modules to achieve superior safety performance
Join us for an in-depth webinar to learn how to make these things happen! Our presenter, a seasoned industrial and construction safety professional, is dedicated to helping companies evaluate and significantly improve their strategies for providing supervisors with the tools and techniques to successfully "supervise for safety."

Learning Objectives:
  • Define the supervisor's role in ensuring compliance with a safety program as outlined by OSHA
  • Convince senior management to provide support for the overall safety program including a formal employee and supervisory safety training process
  • Evaluate and assess the existing role that supervisors play in your safety program as a means to identify areas for improvement
  • Develop a supervisory safety process curriculum, including 'must-have' topics
  • Coach supervisors in providing regular and constructive information and feedback to crew members with the goal of making them the best 'trainers of safety'!
  • Pull together the critical tools needed to help a supervisor achieve success, such as clear guidance on coaching, mentoring, rewarding, and when necessary, disciplining employees
  • Provide steady follow up support and assistance to supervisors to help them succeed
  • Learn why using the coach/mentor" approach vs. the "policeman" approach yields long-term benefits and more positive results
  • Evaluate the top ten checklist that will be presented that identifies what should be included in a comprehensive safety program
  • Track the implementation, performance, and success of the programs that you have put in place using proven techniques
Register for this webinar now to learn how to lead and motivate supervisors to do their critical part in helping to maintain an injury-free workplace.

About Your Presenter:

John J. Meola, the safety director at Pillar Engineers, Inc., is a Certified Safety Professional and adjunct instructor in Occupational Safety at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. He has over 25 years of hand-on safety leadership and management experience in construction and industry, and he has published two safety handbooks and numerous technical articles in trade industry publications.
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