The Safety Management Training Library

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About This Course:
The Safety Management Training Library provides the user with the core safety programs typically required in the management of the overall safety program.

All files are fully editable and produced in MS Word® for Windows® and WordPerfect®. Safety forms pertinent to each program are also included. All of the programs have the same "look" and "format" so developing a core written safety program is a snap.

Included Topics:

  • CW-100 - Overall Company Safety Program
  • CW-121 - Accident Investigation Program
  • CW-122 - OSHA Recordkeeping Program
  • CW-127 - New Products, Procedures, Program
  • CW-136 - Americans With Disability Act
  • CW-139 - Contractor Safety Verification Program
  • CW-141 - Facility Smoking Policy
  • CW-143 - Facility Evacuation Plan
  • CW-147 - Drug free Workplace Program
  • CW-148 - Light Duty/Return To Work Policy
  • CW-150 - Supervisors Safety Program
  • CW-152 - Safety Committee Program
  • CW-159 - Sexual Harassment Program
  • CW-163 - Workplace Violence Program
  • CW-164 - Media Relations Plan
The Safety Management Training Library
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