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Temporary Worker Safety: Essential Strategies For Host Employers And Staffing Agencies

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As a share of the overall workforce, temporary workers are on the rise. Although the use of temporary workers can offer many benefits to employers and employees alike, as new workers several times per year, temps are more vulnerable to work-related injuries than their direct-hired counterparts—a situation that has attracted scrutiny and enforcement actions from OSHA.

Employers that hire or manage temporary workers need to ensure that these employees don’t fall through the cracks when it comes to safety. Whether you are a host employer or a staffing agency, your safety program must effectively deal with all workers, including temporary and contract workers.

A detailed contract specifying the safety role and responsibilities of each party is an excellent start, but it is not enough. OSHA not only looks at contractual language, but also at the actual practices in effect at the worksite, meaning that you must ensure that your written agreement is properly implemented and enforced and that your temporary workers are afforded the same level of protection as all other workers.

Join us for an all-new webinar on what host companies and staffing agencies can do to minimize legal risks related to temporary worker safety.What You'll Learn:After attending this webinar, you’ll be able to:
  • Understand OSHA’s position on temporary worker safety and how it creates enforcement risks for your organization
  • Effectively coordinate safety programs, policies, and procedures between host employers and staffing organizations
  • Identify the roles, responsibilities and obligations of the host employer vs the staffing agency and how to develop a division of duties that works for your organization
  • Implement best practices for training, PPE, hazard communication, accident reporting, medical treatment, supervision, and more
  • Recognize the top safety concerns for both host employers and staffing agencies
Course Details
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