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Telecommuting During The Coronavirus Pandemic: What HR Needs To Know

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HR was not prepared for having almost all employees working from home due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

Doing so raises a number of quetions.

For instance: What policies and procedures should HR have in place while employees work remotely due to the Coronavirus? Should your organization provide employees who work remotely due to the Coronavirus with laptops, internet access, and smart phones? How do you measure performance? What about FLSA issues for non-exempt employees who work remotely?

What about OSHA requirements and worker's compensation when employees impacted by the Coronavirus work from home? How to best handle data security and protecting your organization from hackers when employees work remotely?

This webinar will answer these questions and more regarding how to best handle having almost all your employees telecommute, how to best protect your organization, and how to ensure compliance with federal and state laws while employees work from home.What You'll Learn:Some of the many things you will learn during this webinar:
  • Best practices for creating a plan to handle your workforce working remotely
  • Policies and practices you should implement when employees work remotely
  • How to ensure compliance with OSHA requirements for employees who work remotely
  • What equipment should your organization provide to employees who are now working remotely?
  • Suggested best practices for ensuring data security while employees work remotely
  • And much more!!
Course Details
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