Safety Responsibility At Multi-Employer Worksites

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About This Course:
Who "controls" contractors at your worksite? Are you sure? There was a time when most worksites had one single employer who was responsible for assuring the safety of a homogenous workforce. Nowadays, you would be hard-pressed to find a worksite where all employees worked for a single employer.

Ongoing pressures to reduce operational costs have driven organizations to develop a workforce that likely includes a high percentage of employees that work directly for subcontractors and independent contractors. Additionally, the use of temporary and contingent workers is further clouding the issue of which contractor or company is truly in control of the workers.

Although this can be a difficult compliance area, the key is to establish a clear understanding between all employers involved at a worksite and develop the necessary safety programs that define, in writing and legal contracts, the role and responsibility of all parties.

With OSHA is cracking down with increased enforcement efforts, it is vital for you to ensure your organization is in compliance. Join us when presenter Nicholas Scala will provide you with necessary information to evaluate your existing multi-employer worksite programs and determine what changes may be required to assure that they pass regulatory muster.

Learning Objectives:
  • Interpret OSHA regulations for multi-employer worksites as they apply to your facilities.
  • Interpret OSHA guidance documents, memorandums, and policies, especially the Multiple-Employer Citation Policy, as they apply to your facilities.
  • Properly apply the Multiple-Employer Citation Policy at your facilities.
  • Understand and explain the key terms of the Multiple-Employer Citation Policy, including creating, exposing, correcting, and controlling
  • Assess key multi-employer worksite court cases, rulings and other legal actions.
  • Determine how to identify all of the "employers" represented at your respective locations.
  • Develop safety programs, policies, and procedures with other employers to assure safety of all employees working at a given location.
  • Establish and define succinctly the roles, responsibilities, and obligations of each employer at a given location.
  • Identify what departments need to be involved in developing and implementing your multi-employer worksite safety program.
  • Consider the importance of documenting everything in legal contracts and agreements.
  • Identify and evaluate external resources that can help you develop and implement an effective and comprehensive multi-employer worksite safety program.
About Your Presenter:

Nicholas Scala is an associate attorney at the Law Office of Adele L. Abrams, P.C., where he primarily defends construction, mining and industrial infrastructure companies in litigation with the Department of Labor's Occupational and Mine Safety and Health Administrations. Mr. Scala's practice experience includes a wide range of client services, such as representation in settlement negotiations, mediation, depositions, and trial in addition to offering proactive safety and health compliance assistance and training. Prior to graduating from law school and joining the Law Office of Adele L. Abrams, Mr. Scala worked in mining and heavy-highway construction in Northeast Ohio.

Mr. Scala is a Certified Mine Safety Professional from the International Society of Mine Safety Professionals and is admitted to practice law in the District of Columbia and Ohio.
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