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Safety Liability Dangers At Multi Employer Or Contractor Run Worksites: Avoid OSHA Violations And Properly Manage Training And Supervision

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About This Course:
Contract workers can be found in just about every workplace across various industries. While independent contractors are typically responsible for their own safety and liability obligations, the division of responsibility between contractors and the host organization, even if spelled out in an agreement, isn’t always black and white.

It’s critical to develop clear guidelines that establish who is responsible for specific safety obligations such as training, enforcement of safety rules, first aid and medical services, workers’ compensation, compliance with regulatory requirements, development of safe work procedures and policies, and personal protective equipment. Also, it’s equally important to ensure that these guidelines are followed; otherwise, you run the risk of being on the hook in the event of a workplace injury that leads to costly OSHA fines.

Join us for a road map on managing safety at multi-employer or contractor-run worksites. You’ll get expert insights to help you thoroughly address all necessary safety considerations for contractors, clearly define and document responsibilities, and take the required steps to protect your organization from potential risks and liabilities.

Plus, you’ll learn:
  • How contract law generally applies to independent contractors and contract employee agreements—and what to include in agreements about safety expectations
  • The industries with the highest risk for scrutiny by local, state and federal agency enforcers
  • How to tell whether a contractor or the host employer is responsible for specific safety obligations concerning supervision, oversight, enforcement, and training
  • How liability may arise if something unforeseen happens involving a contractor
  • When an entity could be held liable for:
    • Contributory negligence
    • Negligent entrustment
    • Non-delegable duties
    • Inherently dangerous activities

  • Tips for evaluating whether someone is truly a contractor or a contract employee in the eyes of the law—and how to ensure that the relationship remains clear
  • What OSHA expects from companies that hire contractors or contract employees
  • Strategies for selecting safe and dependable contractors
  • Best practices for managing the jobsite to limit the “mixing” of employees and contractor staff/contract employees, which may spark legal risks
  • Required documentation to have on hand—from written safety plans and training procedures and more
  • How to verify whether a contractor has a process in place for providing first aid and medical care to its workers
About Your Presenters:

Courtney Malveaux, Esq.
Jackson Lewis P.C.

Courtney Malveaux is a principal in the Richmond, Virginia, office of Jackson Lewis P.C. He represents employers cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and other regulatory agencies. He also advises and represents employers in employment law matters, including retaliation claims, employment discrimination, unemployment benefits and wage claims. Mr. Malveaux also represents business associations in state and federal legislative and regulatory matters.

Mr. Malveaux represents industry on the Virginia Safety and Health Codes Board, and pulled together a broad coalition of business and safety associations to pass a first-in-the-nation law to make voluntary compliance a permanent part of a state Occupational Safety and Health Act.

Before joining Jackson Lewis, Mr. Malveaux enforced occupational safety and health law and other state and federal labor laws as Virginia’s Labor Commissioner and as President of the National Association of Government Labor Officials.

J.A. Rodriguez, CSP, SGE
Make My Day Strategies LLC

J.A. Rodriguez Jr., CSP, SGE is CEO of Make My Day Strategies LLC and a Fortune 100 global EHS senior leader. He is an elected member of the Voluntary Protection Program Participants’ Association (VPPPA) Board of Directors, the author of “Not Intuitively Obvious – Transition to the Professional Work Environment”, coeditor of the American Society of Safety Engineer’s (ASSE) book “Consultants Business Development Guide”, and an avid writer for several media outlets including EHS Today Magazine, OH&S Magazine, and LinkedIn Pulse. Mr. Rodriguez was named one of the “50 People Who Most Influenced EHS” from 2012 to 2015” by EHS Today Magazine. In 2016, ISHN Magazine named him as one of the “50 Leaders for Today and Tomorrow.”
Safety Liability Dangers At Multi Employer Or Contractor Run Worksites: Avoid OSHA Violations And Properly Manage Training And Supervision
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