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Safety Improvement Ideas For Supervisors

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Safety ultimately is about what happens in the workplace. And in most organizations, supervisors are key influencers of the organization's effectiveness of it's safety programs.

Because of their proximity to the front-line employee, supervisors provide the first line of influence in managing safety issues by communicating organizational priorities and values and building relationships with individual team members.

The important role of the supervisor is to enable and reduce exposures and to promote a culture in which injuries are not an acceptable or expected outcome. Yet all too frequently supervisors are expected to be 'safety cops' and are left out of the process of encouraging a successful culture without the proper training or know-how.

Enlisting the help of supervisors effectively in safety requires more than a 'safety cop' position. Organizations need to define specific activities that can encourage supervisors to help develop a safety culture. And this training session can help!

Learning Objectives

By attending this training session, you will learn how to:
  • Identify 5 essential safety activities of supervisors
  • Identify 3 safety responsibilities of supervisors
  • Understand the pressure that drive supervisors
  • Identify supervisory tasks
  • Evaluate your supervisors’ current attitude toward safety
  • Increase supervisory involvement in safety programs
  • Help avoid supervisor mistakes regarding safety
Safety Improvement Ideas For Supervisors
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