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Safety Department Of One: Tips To Managing EHS Program Success With Limited Time And Resources

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About This Course:
Many companies today are operating at very lean staffing and budget levels. Because of this, as the Safety Manager, you are under constant pressure to produce more with less - meaning little or no staff, a smaller budget, and limited support from other departments. However, limited resources don't relieve you of your obligation to ensure that your company provides a safe environment for employees, keeps workers' compensation costs under control, stays in compliance, and sustains a culture of safety.

Whether you are starting a safety program from scratch or trying to maintain or improve an existing program, your time and efforts are in constant demand. Understanding some of the proven and successful approaches to safety and tricks of the trade can help you leverage your limited resources effectively. But what are these tricks and proven approaches, and how can you utilize them to drive safety success?

Join us for a webinar with Joe Keenan, Senior Safety Coordinator at C Spire, who has helped many companies develop and implement effective safety programs when resources are limited. He will provide essential guidance and information to help you develop a program from scratch or evaluate an existing safety program to identify and address compliance challenges, boost your safety performance, and fine-tune your efforts to have the maximum impact.

You'll learn how to:
  • Execute the first critical step by developing a well-thought proposal to present to senior management
  • Calculate a succinct "Return on Investment" statement to help justify the request for additional resources, staff, or increased involvement of other departments
  • Identify what needs to be included in a comprehensive EHS program
  • Efficiently and effectively track and monitor the regulations that apply to your organization
  • Participate in time efficient ways in local, regional, and national business and professional organizations
  • Learn strategies for analyzing your safety program to ensure completeness and effectiveness
  • Increase senior management commitment to the safety program
  • Evaluate approaches for generating management and employee engagement with your safety program
  • Effectively integrate your program into day-to-day operations
  • Consider some practical and simple methods for assessing, auditing, and correcting gaps in your program
About Your Presenter:

Joe Keenan
Senior Safety Coordinator
C Spire

Mr. Keenan, a Senior Safety Coordinator with C Spire, is a highly experienced Environmental Health and Safety and Human Resources (HR) Professional and Management Consultant with over 21 years of experience. Mr. Keenan received his Green Belt in Six Sigma/Lean Manufacturing in 2005, Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with a Human Resource Management Concentration in 2007 and Certified Safety Professional (CSP) in 2011. He is presently serving as President of the Mississippi Chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) and served on the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program Participants Association (VPPPA) Region IV Board of Directors as a Director at Large from 2013-2015. Mr. Keenan is an OSHA General Industry and Construction 10/30-Hour Authorized Outreach Trainer since 2002 - (both renewed in 2016).
Safety Department Of One: Tips To Managing EHS Program Success With Limited Time And Resources
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