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Safety Culture For Temporary Workers: Tips To Legally Protect Your Company And Your On-Demand Workforce

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About This Course:
As the business ecosystem changes, gone are the days when a full-time, permanent workforce performed all of a company’s primary functions.

These days, temporary workers are being used more and more, providing organizations with the ability to use workers’ skills on-demand, while workers enjoy the flexibility of multiple and varied assignments.

OSHA recognizes the new reality and launched its Temporary Worker Initiative in 2013. The Initiative attempts to provide a clear understanding of how both the host employer and the staffing agency need to work together to address safety and health related issues.

OSHA wants to make sure that temporary employees are provided a safe work environment and are included in the safety culture of your organization.

While the employment relationship is different, the safety and health issues you need to consider are the same. But, how can you ensure that the safety culture and programs you’ve established for your permanent workforce will translate to your temporary workers?

Join us for an in-depth webinar that will address how temporary workers fit within your overall safety culture and how to ensure that you’re addressing temporary worker safety training in a thorough and compliant manner.

Our presenter, seasoned safety lawyer Courtney Malveaux, will provide a clear understanding of how to ensure that all temporary workers are successfully included and integrated into the safety culture, programs, and policies of your organization. He’ll offer recommendations for meeting your safety culture goals in a way that addresses legal concerns arising from contractual agreements, performance requirements, and expectations—so you can protect your organization while keeping temporary workers safe.

Learning Objectives:
  • Define the different categories of temporary employees as they apply to your organization
  • Evaluate how OSHA’s Temporary Worker Initiative applies to your organization
  • Consider the legal relationship that you will have with staffing organizations and host employers
  • Ensure that all parties are clear on roles, responsibilities, documentation, training, discipline, and recordkeeping
  • Determine which key departments—HR, legal, production, maintenance, safety—need to be involved in establishing an effective approach for retaining temporary employees
  • Evaluate strategies for selecting safe and dependable staffing agencies and host employers
  • Identify the key elements to include in the agreements and contracts between staffing organizations and host employers
  • Pinpoint the safety expectations to include in your agreements
  • Identify the three types of documentation you should require before you let temporary workers perform their services for your organization
  • Assess model contractual language that ensures that safety culture and programs are adequately addressed
  • Assess conditions that could result in safety-related liability when you retain temporary workers
  • Identify circumstances that could lead to claims of contributory negligence, negligent entrustment, and more against your organization
About Your Presenter:

Courtney Malveaux, Esq.
Jackson Lewis, P.C.

Courtney Malveaux of Jackson Lewis, P.C. served as Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry through October 2013 and is a Past President of the National Association of Government Labor Officials. Now Mr. Malveaux helps to shape OSHA policy as the industrial employer representative on the Virginia Safety and Health Codes Board.

Mr. Malveaux represents employers in regulatory matters, employment and business litigation and government relations.

Mr. Malveaux authored an article published in the University of Richmond Law Review titled “OSHA Enforcement of the ‘As Effective As’ Standard for State Plans: Serving Process or People?”, and is a frequent presenter on labor and employment law issues. He was an invited moderator and panelist at Safety Culture 2016.
Safety Culture For Temporary Workers: Tips To Legally Protect Your Company And Your On-Demand Workforce
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