Recruiting On A Limited Budget: Proven Low And No Cost Tools And Approaches

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About This Course:
Many companies put pressure on human resources to attract the best candidates without understanding the complexities of the problem and the competition for the best. Then when their company is losing the candidate competition, they throw away money at the problem.

This webinar provides solutions that enable talented recruiters to develop a low cost strategy and discuss it intelligently. The solution will include the confidence to be successful.What You'll Learn:What Is the Recruiting Sales Process?
  • Understand the Entire Process
  • Embrace the Most Important Process Step
  • Include the Most Important Step in All the Following Steps
Wringing out the Job Description
  • Who Should Write the Job Description?
  • What Is the Outline for the Job Description?
  • What Is Usually Missing From Job Descriptions?
How Can a Company Market Their Positions for Free?
  • It's Always Best at Home
  • What Benefits Come From Goto.Jobs?
  • At Their Business
What Are Some Low Cost Solutions for Marketing?
  • Sponsor Activities
  • Sponsor Activities at Selected Universities/Colleges/Training Schools
  • Provide Speakers Prior to Any Job Fairs (Commercial/University)
  • Booths at Career Fairs
How Do You Effectively Work Career Fairs?
  • Bring Managers
  • Set up Booth to Attract Attention
  • Effectively Working Career Fairs
Recruiting On A Limited Budget: Proven Low And No Cost Tools And Approaches
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