PowerPoint 2013 Course

Online Course: ID# 1003608
Price: $135.00
About This Course:
Students who have the desire to be successful in the business field need a working knowledge of PowerPoint 2013.

This online PowerPoint course will teach you how to create and manage presentations, insert and format shapes and slides, and apply transitions and animations. Plus, learn how to manage multiple presentations and protect and share your important data.

  • Learn how to create and manage PowerPoint presentations
  • Learn how to insert and format shapes and slides
  • Learn how to manage multiple presentations
  • Session 1
    Section A: Tour of the Interface
    Section B: Organize Your Presentation
    Section C: Inserting and Formatting Shapes
    Section D: Inserting and Formatting Text

  • Session 2
    Section A: Customize a Blank Document
    Section B: Insert and Format Tables
    Section C: Create and Modify Charts
    Section D: SmartArt
    Section E: Insert Media
    Section F: Adding Animations and Transitions

  • Session 3
    Section A: Slide Masters
    Section B: Creating Custom Layouts
    Section C: Presentation Properties
    Section D: Printing Presentations
    Section E: Saving Presentations
Info on how to access this course will be sent to you by the Course Provider via email.
PowerPoint 2013 Course
Price: $135.00
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