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OSHA's Revised Rule For Electric Power Employers And Contractors: How To Adapt Fall Protection And PPE Programs To Comply

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About This Course:
April 1, 2015, marks the "kick in" date for OSHA's final rule revising the 29 CFR1910.269 and 29 CFR 1926 Subpart V standards for electric power generation, transmission, and distribution. The revised regulations primarily affect employers that construct, operate, maintain or repair electric power generation, transmission or distribution installations. These companies include electric utilities, as well as contractors hired by utilities.

This rule should be on every electrical utilities' and utility contractors' radar because:

1) The final rule focuses on personal protective equipment and clothing for workers.

Specifically, the rule identifies criteria for PPE and clothing based on hazards including potential arc rating and heat energy of the work that is being performed. Additionally, the rule recognizes a new class of protective equipment for rubber insulating gloves and provides new requirements for electrical protective gear made from materials other than rubber.

2) The final rule addresses fall hazards for utility workers. The regulations identify the type of fall protection that must be used, when it must be used, and at what heights it must be used. The standards require qualified employees climbing or changing location on poles, towers, or similar structures to use fall protection, unless the employer can demonstrate that climbing or changing location with fall protection is infeasible or would create a greater hazard than climbing or changing location without it.

The rule also comprehensively addresses other areas including training based on risks a worker will be exposed to, the sharing of safety information between host and contract workers, pre-work assessment requirements, and the use of performance based consensus standards in place of outdated consensus standards for equipment.

Any organization affected by the standard needs to understand these comprehensive and complex rules, so they can develop and implement a strategy for ensuring compliance with the rule and proper protection of electrical utility workers.

Join us for our webinar when our presenter, a seasoned EHS professional with extensive experience in the utility industry, will provide you with an effective strategy for understanding and interpreting the new rules as they apply to your company, develop an effective and comprehensive compliance strategy, and ways to efficiently and effectively implement that strategy.

Learning Objectives:
  • Determine how the new rule specifically affects your organization
  • Evaluate and interpret the PPE and clothing requirements as they apply to your workers
  • Select compliant PPE and clothing
  • Develop compliant procedures to address the fall protection requirements of the rule
  • Establish effective procedures for meeting the safety related information and coordination requirements between host and contract workers
  • Implement a compliant program that meets all of the rule requirements for training
  • Interpret and apply the new performance based requirements when purchasing new equipment or evaluating existing equipment
  • Develop and implement compliant procedures for multiple crews working on the same lines or equipment
  • Identify and evaluate outside resources to assist your organization in developing and implementing a compliant program
Register now to learn how to develop effective and efficient strategies for complying with new fall protection and protective clothing requirements for electrical utilities and utility contractors.

About Your Presenter:

Scott Ray


Premier Safety Partners

Scott Ray, founder and principal at Premier Safety Partners, is an industry leader in Health and Safety. Recognized for his business acumen and innovative approach, he has a track record in successfully implementing H&S systems that result in fostering a culture of operational excellence. Ray's 20-year health and safety career includes both technical and leadership experience within diverse industries including energy/utilities, international manufacturing, construction, defense, and aerospace.

Most recently, Ray led Atlantic Power as Vice President of EHS. In this role he developed a world-class sustainable management system and the creation of a positive safety culture. He developed a strategic plan aligned with the organizations mission to achieve industry best in class performance within 3 years and provided oversight for National Electric Reliability Corporation compliance.
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