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OSHA’s Enterprise Abatement Enforcement: How To Defend Against Violations Across Multiple Worksites

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About This Course:
OSHA’s corporate-wide enforcement approach for companies that have multiple locations is quite concerning to safety managers nationwide, and for good reason. Where OSHA used to direct citations to a specific facility, their new corporate-wide penalty approach means companies with multiple facilities across many locations, such as national retail stores, grocery chains, manufacturers, and hotel chains—are particularly vulnerable to increased scrutiny.

Still, all companies should be wary. OSHA’s definition is broad, so if your organization is operating in more than one facility, you are a potential target.

So what’s the best way to minimize the impact of corporate-wide enforcement? To prepare ahead of time by developing effective strategies that comprehensively address each of the potential areas of concern.

Join us to learn how successful companies are already developing effective and comprehensive strategies. Our presenter, seasoned safety lawyer Adele Abrams, will walk you through how the new enforcement approach works, what to do to protect your organization, and how best to respond if affected by the enforcement initiative.

You’ll learn:
  • How to determine if your organization would be considered a multi-site organization
  • How to assess the advantages and disadvantages of being considered a multi-site organization
  • The implications of companywide penalty assessment as it relates to:
    • the general duty clause
    • recordkeeping issues
    • the severe violator enforcement program (SVEP)
    • the whistleblower SVEP (WSVEP)
    • corporate safety training programs
    • training and audits
    • corporate-wide settlement agreements (CSA)
    • franchises
    • joint employer liability
    • record retention
    • contractor utilization issues

  • How to evaluate “at risk” job classifications as they relate to company-wide penalty assessment
  • How to assess the implications of OSHA’s increased fines and penalties initiative as it relates to the enterprise enforcement approach
  • The implications of the enterprise enforcement approach on OSHA
  • Audit Policy and safe harbor on voluntary self-audits
  • Strategies for minimizing the potential impact of the enterprise enforcement approach
OSHA’s Enterprise Abatement Enforcement: How To Defend Against Violations Across Multiple Worksites
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