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OSHA’s Confined Space Rescue Plan: Critical Compliance Essentials And Tactical Training Techniques

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In 2015, OSHA’s construction confined space standard took effect. While primarily impacting construction activities, this standard put responsibilities on host employers and established new requirements for procedures around rescue and emergency services in permit-required confined spaces.

If a catastrophic event occurs while your crew is working in a confined space, the risk of injury or death are not limited to those trapped in the confined space. Often, those attempting a rescue get caught in dangerous, and potentially fatal,situations.

Whenever someone is involved in an onsite rescue, he or she must be trained on the risks of potential hazards and equipped to properly, and safely respond to an emergency situation. It’s also important to gauge the mental and physical fitness of the rescue team, as psychological or physical deficits could hinder a prompt and safe rescue, and in a situation where every second counts you can’t afford for confined space rescuers to hesitate or misstep because they’re flustered to a point where their judgment becomes impaired.

Join us for a can’t miss webinar when our presenter, Bill Katt, CET, CHMM will provide a hands-on, tactical look at how new confined space rescue rules apply to host employers and general industry overall. You’ll learn tips on how to ensure that rescue workers are properly outfitted and trained to respond when an emergency arises.

Learning Objectives
  • How the 2015 confined space rescue rules may apply to general industry
  • The differences between the general industry confined space standard and the construction confined space standard
  • How to evaluate, select, and train rescue personnel
  • Factors to consider when evaluating whether to use in-house rescue teams or outside third-party rescue services
  • Your responsibilities concerning confined space rescue if you’re a host employer, and how to tell if your contractor is meeting applicable rescue requirements
  • Best practices for ensuring that the entry employer and controlling contractor are doing their jobs properly
  • Why it’s so important to address the issue of emergency equipment availability
About Your Presenter

Bill Katt, CET, CHMM
Katt Training & Consulting

Bill Katt has been working in and around confined spaces since 1993. During that time, he has worked as an entrant, attendant and confined space supervisor. After moving into a training role Mr. Katt has provided hands-on courses on confined space entry and confined space rescue for a varied group of clients including utilities, construction companies and environmental service companies.
OSHA’s Confined Space Rescue Plan: Critical Compliance Essentials And Tactical Training Techniques
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