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OSHA Recordkeeping: More Than Recording Injuries

Webinar: ID# 1039351
Live on 4/21/2021 from 3:00pm till 4:30pm EST or via On-Demand
About This Course:
When people think about OSHA recordkeeping requirements, the default is to discuss injuries and illnesses. That is important, but there is so much more that you as an employer or safety professional are required to track. Knowing what those categories are will ensure you are meeting your compliance obligations while connecting the dots of what all requires your attention with documentation.What You'll Learn:Course Objectives:
  • Learn what OSHA requires for recordkeeping so you are in compliance
  • Review medical recordkeeping requirements and understanding the differences of reportable, recordable, and first aid
  • Review other recordkeeping requirements: what they are and what you need
    • Medical/respiratory, BBP, lead exposure, etc
    • Training documents
    • Forklift/equipment pre-shift inspections/workplace examinations
    • Incident Investigation findings and actions
    • LOTO observations and procedural reviews
  • Be better prepared for meeting compliance requirements without the pressure or misunderstanding of what is needed
Why Should You Attend:

Whether filing your 300A, determining what is or isn't "recordable," or preparing for OSHA or ISO audits, having the required documentation is not difficult to create or produce in the event of an OSHA visit if you know in advance what requirements need to be addressed. This webinar will address common, yet hidden, recordkeeping requirements established by OSHA so you are properly prepared if OSHA comes to your workplace so you and your teams are not caught by surprise.

Course Outline:
  • OSHA and Recordkeeping: an Introduction
  • Medical Records and Recordkeeping requirements
  • What else? Other OSHA standards that require recordkeeping/documentation that you are required to keep and likely requested to be viewed by OSHA during a visit
  • Summary: Peace of Mind knowing you are prepared and ready
What you get:
  • Presentation materials
  • Live Q&A Session following the presentation
Who Will Benefit:
  • Safety Professionals
  • Human Resource Teams
  • Department Managers
  • Front-line Supervisors/Team Leaders
  • General Managers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Safety Sales Teams, OEMs, and Distributors
OSHA Recordkeeping: More Than Recording Injuries
Live on 4/21/2021 from 3:00pm till 4:30pm EST or via On-Demand
Course Details
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