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OSHA-Compliant Safety Incentive Programs: How Tto Comply When Using Rate-Based Factors

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More than two years after OSHA promulgated its Final Rule to Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses, many employers are still struggling to grapple with the vague language provided in the preamble to the final rule and subsequent guidance. Particularly, OSHA's provisions regarding the relationship between rate-based safety incentive programs and the final rule's anti retaliation provisions has caused many employers to completely revamp their programs.

In a recent shift in direction, OSHA released an October 11 memo indicating that rate-based incentive programs are no longer strictly prohibited, but there must be "adequate precautions to ensure that employees feel free to report an injury or illness." OSHA does not specifically define what constitutes "adequate precautions," but the guidance offers hints into the agency's thinking. Employers should take steps to ensure that their safety incentive programs do not ultimately discourage employees from reporting workplace injuries and illness or fall into the trap of illegal retaliation.

Join us for an explanation of OSHA's terms and guidelines involving safety incentives and tips for creating a successful and compliant program.What You'll Learn:
  • The practical impact of the controversial provisions related to safety incentive programs in OSHA's e-recordkeeping rule
  • How OSHA has viewed safety incentive programs under its Voluntary
  • Protection Programs and the implications for employers that do not participate in the VPP
  • The difference between leading and lagging indicators and best practices for selecting the right metrics to link to incentives
  • The impact of OSHA's August 18, 2017 Revised VPP Policy Memo #5 and its recent October 11, 2018 Enforcement Memo regarding rate-based safety incentive programs
  • How employers can draft an OSHA-compliant safety incentive program
OSHA-Compliant Safety Incentive Programs: How Tto Comply When Using Rate-Based Factors
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