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Nanomaterials Safety And Health: Strategies For Engineering Out Hazards During Production And Downstream Use

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About This Course:
If your organization uses or makes products that contain nanomaterials, taking a second look how exposure could affect employees and consumers can help you protect them from serious injury or illness.

The effects nanomaterials could have on humans and the environment are up for debate. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has requested that companies study and evaluate consumer products that use them.

Additionally, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is researching to identify how industrial workers might be exposed to nanomaterials. In Europe, standards are much stricter-the onus is on companies to prove that products containing nanomaterials are safe before they can be sold to consumers.

Learn the potential risks of nanomaterial exposure and cost-effective strategies for addressing them.

Learning Objectives:
  • Why EHS professionals are uncertain about nanomaterial safety
  • What nanomaterial safety regulations have been initiated or proposed
  • How to identify and assess nanomaterial hazards in the workplace
  • What nanomaterial-related issues, like product safety, to watch out for
  • How to manage risk associated with manufacturing nanomaterials
  • Approaches to developing product warnings and similar content
  • Strategies for informing consumers and employees about nanomaterial hazards
  • Best practices for safe nanomaterials manufacturing, use, and disposal
  • Where to find effective third-party resources to help you develop a nanomaterials EHS program
Attend this webinar to understand the potential risks of nanomaterials in your workplace and cost-effective strategies for addressing them.

About Your Presenters

Dr. Sunil Lakhiani of Exponent uses his knowledge in human factors and risk perception to evaluate and investigate human error and accidents associated with consumer products, heavy machinery, and industrial tools and operations.

He has specialized knowledge and experience in the design and evaluation of warnings and instructions for a wide array of products including sporting goods, household and industrial chemicals, industrial equipment, and consumer products. Dr. Lakhiani also uses the Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC's) NEISS database to assess hazards and risks associated with consumer products and various common activities. He has conducted safety audits of worksites through inspections and injury-data analysis.

William S. Rogers, Jr. is chair of Prince Lobel Tye LLP's multidisciplinary Nanotechnology Practice Group, which includes attorneys from many of the firm's traditional practices including employment, insurance and reinsurance; trademark, copyright, and intellectual property law; products liability; litigation; environmental; corporate; start-ups; and renewable energy.

He works to identify and resolve the unique legal challenges faced by clients in this field, and his nanotechnology practice focuses on compliance and risk management, pending future nanotechnology litigation.

Dr. Annette Santamaria is a board-certified toxicologist with 20 years of multidisciplinary experience critically evaluating a broad range of toxicological, epidemiological, and clinical studies, conducting exposure and human health risk assessments, and communicating results to clients and governmental agencies.

She has experience with assessing exposure to a variety chemicals, nanomaterials, consumer products, (e.g., personal care products, cosmetics, paints, cleaning products, air fresheners), pharmaceuticals, and medical devices, and is certified in FDA's regulations through the Regulatory Affairs Professional Society.

She has provided technical support and assisted in the preparation of a variety of reports for regulatory compliance and/or litigation purposes. She has also prepared many exposure assessments for consumer products to ensure compliance with California's Proposition 65 regulations. Prior to joining Exponent, Dr. Santamaria provided toxicological and epidemiological consulting at ENVIRON Corporation.
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