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Marijuana In The Workplace: Legal Concerns And Limits On What Employers Can Do

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With more and more states legalizing the use of marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes (oftentimes both), you're likely to encounter more workplace issues as a result. And the law is far from settled, particularly given the Trump administration's stated intention to tighten enforcement at the federal level, where the drug remains illegal.

Do you know if you are able to monitor and restrict cannabis usage or possession among employees? What about workplace safety issues? Can you legally limit the use of marijuana, as with alcohol, during or prior to work time? What kinds of tests can you administer? If an employee has a prescription for medical marijuana, does the ADA bar you from restricting usage or disciplining the employee for use?

Join us for a webinar that will breakdown the latest compliance rules and learn what you can and cannot do legally to monitor the use of marijuana at work, featuring live Q&A.What You'll Learn:
  • Which states have legalized marijuana for medicinal and/or recreational use
  • The practical implications of marijuana still being considered illegal-and a Schedule I drug-under federal law
  • How to address off-duty usage of marijuana
  • The latest move by the Trump Administration to tighten enforcement around marijuana use and distribution, and how that affects states and their laws
  • Best practices for federal contractors to follow with respect to drug testing and usage to ensure they don't lose federal funding
  • Which state laws explicitly include employee non-discrimination protections, and which don't
  • How medical marijuana laws interact with unemployment and workers' comp
  • Whether medical marijuana usage may qualify as a reasonable ADA accommodation
  • How to develop and manage drug-testing policies and practices in light of the current legal landscape
  • What to do if an employee tests positive for marijuana usage
  • The role of fitness-for-duty evaluations, and best practices for workplace safety
  • And much more!
Marijuana In The Workplace: Legal Concerns And Limits On What Employers Can Do
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