Managing Your Safety Meetings: Easy Ways To Keep Them Productive, Informative, And Engaging

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About This Course:
Successful professionals know organizing safety meetings to be as productive, informative, and engaging (PIE) as possible boosts the effectiveness of a company's safety program. But how?

Learn to build a safety meeting program that helps you meet your goals.

Safety meetings can provide real benefit to a company's safety program if the process is thoughtfully designed, nurtured, supported by senior management and given visibility. When this kind of approach is in place, employees actually want to be involved and are more willing to participate. Yet most safety managers provide marginal effort and subsequently don't notice the value of regular safety meetings.

Learn to revisit and evaluate your existing safety meeting process to energize it.

Whether your safety meeting process is as "old at the hills," in the early stages of development, or has just been recently introduced, taking the time to carefully examine the existing process on a regular basis can give you some great ideas for improving it.

You can gain these two management skills and more by attending our webinar, Managing Your Safety Meetings: Easy Ways to Keep Them Productive, Informative, and Engaging. In just 60 minutes, our presenter Jack Fearing, CPEA, will show you how you can evaluate and improve your safety meeting program to meet your organization's needs.

Learning Objectives:
  • Identify the different types of safety meetings, from less formal "tailgate" meetings to a more formal "traditional"
  • Discover which types of meetings are best addressed pre- and post-shift
  • Implement key components of effective safety meetings into your program
  • Spot and resolve safety meeting issues that reduce effectiveness
  • Schedule meetings at an appropriate frequency and length
  • Use supporting materials to streamline and reinforce your message
  • Encourage high levels of employee participation
  • Track the results of your safety meetings, such as identified action items, and more
Register now to learn how to redesign your safety meeting program to increase involvement, visibility and benefits.

About Your Presenter:

Jack Fearing, CPEA, is the Managing Partner for Fearing International Group. FIG is an occupational and aviation safety consulting firm. Fearing has more than 30 years of experience in occupational safety & health management and DOD aviation safety. His experience includes EHS Director for a global defense contractor, an audit program director for multi-national manufacturing company and EHS audit team leader for a leading pharmaceutical company. He is a retired US Army Lt Colonel. He served as a helicopter pilot and Aviation Safety Officer.

Fearing has extensive hands-on experience in developing OSHA compliance programs, coordinating with state and Federal regulatory agencies and developing effective safety programs in both union and non-union environments. He is an OSHA authorized General Industry 10 & 30 hour course trainer. Fearing has been published in "CoatingsPro", "Today's Facility Manager", "Facility Safety Management," "Aviation Safety" and various American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) professional publications and journals and is a frequent invited speaker at the ASSE Annual Professional Development Conference, the National Safety Council (NSC) Conference & Exposition, the National Association of Environmental Management (NAEM) annual EHS Forum and other regional and international venues.
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