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Managing And Disposing Of Aerosols: Efficient And Cost-Effective Practices That Comply With RCRA

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Aerosol cans are a difficult waste stream to manage. While they may appear rather innocuous, aerosol cans, which are likely used throughout your business’s production operations, may present significant environmental dangers and safety concerns.

For instance, aerosol cans may contain paint, lubricants, glues, pesticides, and many other chemicals, some of which may be hazardous to your workforce and the environment. The wide variety of aerosol cans that are used at a typical facility, the different products they contain, and other unique qualities make aerosols particularly challenging to manage.

It’s important to ensure that aerosol cans containing hazardous materials are actually empty when handling and disposing of them. Additionally, for acutely hazardous materials, triple rinsing may be required to ensure that the actual container is not hazardous to handle. Understanding these differences in how to handle aerosols is crucial to maintaining compliance and keeping your workforce healthy.

Join us to learn how to manage and dispose of aerosol cans in an efficient, cost-effective manner that complies with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and key OSHA regulations. You’ll also gain insight into typical state programs governing aerosol can management and disposal.

You’ll learn:
  • Federal regulations that apply to aerosol management and disposal practices
  • How to selectively review typical state aerosol management regulations
  • The types of violations you could be cited for if you don’t properly manage and dispose of aerosols
  • The importance of understanding the meaning behind key terms, such as:
    • triple-rinsing
    • usable product

  • When puncturing may be a viable option
  • Best practices for properly storing and segregating the various waste streams your organization generates
  • Fundamentals for establishing an aerosol can evaluation program to ensure an efficient, cost-effective approach to managing your waste streams
  • How to select a hazardous material/waste management partner
  • How to confirm whether materials shipped offsite for disposal, recycling, or handling are being properly managed
About Your Presenter:

Lori Siegelman
Technical Director
W&M Environmental Group, LLC

Lori Siegelman is a technical director at W&M Environmental Group with more than 25 years of experience on a wide range of environmental, safety and health projects in consulting and in private industry. Her expertise includes industrial hygiene, health physics, a wide range of environmental regulatory programs, and management systems.
Managing And Disposing Of Aerosols: Efficient And Cost-Effective Practices That Comply With RCRA
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