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Lockout/Tagout And Machine Guarding: Money-Saving Programs That Comply With OSHA Requirements And Reduce Injury

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About This Course:
Taking precautions to minimize the risk of injury from various machines’ energy sources is imperative for ensuring the safety of workers.

Failure to effectively implement lockout/tagout (LOTO) and machine guarding measures consistently make OSHA’s Top 10 violations list each year which can lead to costly fines for employers and catastrophic injuries for employees.

In January 2017, OSHA fined a plastics manufacturer in Georgia $133,000 for exposing workers to amputations hazards due to missing machine guards, lack of a lockout/tagout program to prevent machinery from starting up during servicing, and other related violations.

Due to recent changes in OSHA’s injury and illness reporting requirements, there are new strict reporting procedures for amputations and other severe injuries that effective machine guarding and LOTO programs can prevent. Failure to properly report such incidents can now result in a $5,000 fine.

Don’t wait for a LOTO or machine guarding incident to figure out if your programs are compliant in your organization. Join us to learn how to comply with OSHA’s LOTO and machine guarding regulations to minimize potential accidents by developing comprehensive practices that should be followed when equipment is being operated, cleaned, inspected, or repaired.

Learning Objectives:
  • How to create and implement effective, compliant LOTO and machine guarding practices, including tips for writing machine-specific LOTO procedures and a 9-step LOTO process that works in the “real world”
  • OSHA’s new requirements for reporting and recording amputations
  • The 3 most common LOTO trouble areas—and how to avoid the top 5 LOTO failures in an OSHA inspection
  • How to design effective employee training methods relating to LOTO and guarding and win management’s support for your LOTO and machine guarding-based initiatives
  • The different energy sources and methods for controlling machine hazards, and how to tell if it’s ever acceptable to run equipment without guards in place
  • The right way to use risk assessment and job hazard analysis tools to identify and control hazards
  • How to tell if special LOTO requirements may apply, such as blanking and blinding, double-block and bleed, line breaking/misalignment, and valve lockout
About Your Presenter:

John J. Meola, CSP, ARM
Safety Director
Pillar Inc.

John Meola is the safety director at Pillar Inc. and is a Certified Safety Professional. In addition to his role as the safety director for Pillar Inc., he is an Adjunct Instructor in Occupational Safety at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. Mr. Meola has over 25 years of hand-on safety leadership and management experience in construction and industry. He has a BA in Education and has published two safety handbooks and numerous technical safety articles in trade industry publications.
Lockout/Tagout And Machine Guarding: Money-Saving Programs That Comply With OSHA Requirements And Reduce Injury
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