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Labeling Hazardous Chemicals: The Impact New California Proposition 65 Requirements Will Have On Your Compliance Obligations

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Major changes are going into effect under California’s Proposition 65 (Prop 65, also known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986), which affects all in-state manufacturers and many businesses across the United States that do business in California.

The regulations take effect August 30, 2018, which means you don’t have much time to make sure your company is in compliance with the new Prop 65 requirements. Under Prop 65, any manufacturer, packager, or producer with 10 or more employees that operates or sells products in California must give clear and reasonable warnings to consumers before knowingly and intentionally exposing them to chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity.

The new amendments to Prop 65 significantly change what you need to do to comply with these “clear and reasonable warning” requirements.

You can choose to follow either the old or the new regulations until August 2018, but make no mistake: Come the effective date, all covered companies must comply with the more stringent new warning language requirements.

Join us for an in-depth webinar on how to get up to speed on your new compliance requirements. You’ll get expert insights into how to achieve cost-effective regulatory compliance with minimal disruption to business operations.

You’ll learn:
  • The changes to Prop 65 that are going effect August 30, 2018, and which companies both in California and nationwide are affected
  • Recommended strategies for how to address new Prop 65 warning label requirements ahead of the compliance deadline
  • Available options for meeting changing warning label compliance requirements
  • How key terms are defined, including “clear and reasonable warnings” and “acceptable transmission”
  • Best practices for addressing Prop 65 reproductive hazards, toxicity, and updated communication technology before the new requirements take effect
  • And much more!
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Michael Lawrence
Summit Safety Technologies

Michael Lawrence is principal of Summit Safety Technologies based in Long Beach, California. Mr. Lawrence is an accomplished safety and environmental manager, technical trainer, and training manager, and has been training adult workers and safety and environmental professionals for many years. He is a frequent speaker and is recognized for his expert knowledge of safety and environmental regulations, management systems, and effective training in the workplace.

Mr. Lawrence has over 30 years’ experience in safety and environmental management, technical training, instructional design, and quality management, with skills that were honed during his 16 years in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, 14 years in Naval Aviation, and 6 years as an independent consultant. This experience includes many years in electronics technology and maintenance management.
Labeling Hazardous Chemicals: The Impact New California Proposition 65 Requirements Will Have On Your Compliance Obligations
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