Job Hazard Analysis: Best Practices For Managing, Evaluating, and Prioritizing Your Assessments

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About This Course:
Most safety professionals are familiar with the process of job hazard analysis (JHA) and many have been able to apply the method successfully to reduce potential hazards inherent in a job-resulting in the reduction of accidents, first aid cases, and near misses.

Yet, as effective as JHA is, it is under-utilized for various reasons, the most common of which is that employees and supervisors do not have the bandwidth to dedicate to it. Additionally, if the JHA process is not well designed, it can get be very cumbersome to implement, and follow-through is essential to really see the ROI.

Join us when our presenter-a seasoned safety culture and change expert who has helped many companies get their team on the right course-will provide a proven strategy and process that you can apply to your organization to achieve similar results.

Learning Objectives:
  • Define each step in the job hazard analysis (JHA) program, using examples of JSAs that are effective, practical in the work area, and easy to implement
  • Identify how to get management, supervisory, and employee buy-in and commitment
  • Consider the best approaches for establishing a JHA team, including who MUST be on the team, how it should be structured, and how to manage the associated workload and deliverables
  • Identify the ways that JHA programs succeed and assess the ways that JHA programs fail and how can you avoid the pitfalls through case studies
  • Consider how JHAs can be used successfully, such as in new employee orientations, annual job reviews, pre-shift safety reviews, and training employees for new jobs and positions
  • Determine the need for JHAs in all aspects of manufacturing operations as well as in maintenance activity
  • Keep your JHA program fresh with annual reviews of the entire program
  • Best manage JHA documents
  • Evaluate strategies for updating JHAs and when updates should occur especially when significant changes occur to a work activity
  • Prioritize your JHA schedule
  • Identify and evaluate resources to help you in the development and implementation of your JHA program
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About Your Presenter

Scott Ray, founder and principal at Premier Safety Partners, is an industry leader in Health and Safety. Recognized for his business acumen and innovative approach, Ray has a track record in successfully implementing H&S systems that result in fostering a culture of operational excellence. His 20-year health and safety career includes both technical and leadership experience within diverse industries including energy/utilities, international manufacturing, construction, defense, and aerospace.

Most recently, Ray led Atlantic Power as Vice President of EHS. In this role he developed a world-class sustainable management system and the creation of a positive safety culture. He developed a strategic plan aligned with the organizations mission to achieve industry best in class performance within 3 years. He also provided oversight for National Electric Reliability Corporation compliance.
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