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Integrating FMLA, ADA, COBRA & Workers' Comp Training & Certification Program w/ Manual and E-Alerts

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Which Law Applies? Learn How FMLA, ADA, COBRA, And Workers Comp Work Together

FMLA, ADA, COBRA, and Workers' Compensation are difficult enough to administer independently, let alone when you must determine which rule or law takes precedence over another.

Already used by many of the country's Third Party Administrators, the program provides detailed analysis - in plain English - of your organization's compliance responsibilities. You will learn everything from the basics to advanced concepts, and will receive answers to your questions regarding design, administration, and compliance for your organization's Leave Management needs.


>>>The Leave Management Training & Certification Program

Our "Integrated Leave Management" Training & Certification Program provides excellent guidance on administering these complex laws. For instance, you'll learn about:

  • Eligible benefits for each lawleave management rules
  • Eligible participants for each law
  • Plan documentation and communication tps
  • Election option requirements and best practices
  • How to handle status changes
  • Tips for claims submittals
  • Reporting and disclosure requirements
  • Determining which law has precedence in certain situations
  • Understanding when - and if - COBRA should be offered in relation to FMLA leaves
  • How USERRA integrates with FMLA, ADA, COBRA, and Cafeteria Plans
>>> The Leave Management Procedures Manual And Updates

The Leave Management Procedures Manual includes all of the training content included in our Leave Management Training & Certification Program, and also includes search capabilities and 'Related Links' that allow you to find answers quickly. You also receive updates whenever the law changes.

Note: This course is sold as an annual subscription with four components: the training course itself; access to all training materials as a resource for one full year; free updates whenever the law changes, and; a Certified Administrator designation. Access to resource materials, free updates, and a new Certificate are available for subsequent years for a low renewal fee of $99 per year.

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Integrating FMLA, ADA, COBRA & Workers' Comp Training & Certification Program w/ Manual and E-Alerts
Price: $999.00
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