Injury And Illness Prevention Programs: How To Develop An Effective IIPP And Comply with Cal/OSHA's Most Frequently Violated Standard

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About This Course:
According to a Rand Corporation study, injury and illness prevention program (IIIP) violations occur in about 25% of all California workplace health and safety inspections. The report also notes that since the IIPP requirement went into effect in 1991, it's been the most frequently cited standard in California workplace health and safety inspections nearly every year.

Common citations involve section 3203(a) violations, the section of California law requiring employers to implement an effective IIPP, or violations for not documenting the hazard survey and training given to employees.

Safety managers can learn a lot from historical IIPP violations, citations, and penalties. Such information is useful for assessing your IIPP's compliance health because you can discern whether you're potentially committed similar infractions and address existing gaps in your program immediately.

Additionally, by considering IIPP best practices and model programs, organizations can improve existing IIPPs and achieve a higher level of compliance and improve their safety programs overall.

Join us when our presenter, a seasoned safety lawyer who has helped many companies understand how to structure a compliant IIPP in California, will provide important recommendations and information necessary for evaluating your IIPP, so you can determine what, if any, changes are needed to ensure that it passes regulatory muster and is fine tuned for success.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand, through an overview of the IIPP regulations, the purpose and scope of the Cal/OSHA's IIPP process.
  • Assess Section 3203 (c) (joint safety and health committee section) requirements and determine whether your IIPP meets the applicable requirements.
  • Perform an audit of your IIPP-including how often to perform audits and evaluations.
  • Prepare for a Cal/OSHA inspection so you're ready if IIPP comes up with inspectors.
  • Identify who should develop your IIPP and whether you should use outside resources to assist in the development of an IIPP.
Register now to learn information that can help you eliminate or reduce IIPP violations found during inspections and make your overall IIPP process more efficient and effective.

About Your Presenter:
Alka Ramchandani, a labor and employment attorney in Jackson Lewis' San Francisco office.

Ramchandani specializes in representing employers in California occupational safety and health matters, federal and state employment matters, and immigration matters.

In particular, she advises and represents clients in relation to inspections, investigations, and enforcement actions involving the federal and California Occupational Safety and Health Administrations. She also assists clients with preventative practices such as conducting audits and creating safety programs, plans and policies.
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