Injured Workers, Non-Cooperation, And Return To Work Motivation

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About This Course:
If you have struggled with return-to-work non-cooperation in the workplace, then you know that defining and addressing non-cooperation in workers' compensation claims can be challenging.

This webinar offers insight into making a positive impact on return-to-work motivation. We will share successful approaches to addressing this in a real-life context to help understand and affect the issue of non-cooperation in return-to-work situations.


What Does Non-Cooperation Mean?
  • Failure to Keep Scheduled Appointments or Evaluations
  • Engaging in Unsanitary/Harmful Actions That Jeopardize or Slow Recovery
  • Not Accepting Medical and/or Surgical Treatment
Non-Cooperation and Adversarial Relationships
  • Each Workers' Compensation Claim Includes: Worker, Family, Doctors, Insurers, etc.
  • What Workers Describe: Adversarial Experiences, Powerlessness, etc.
Where Adversarial Relationships Begin
  • The Claim Process: Claim Managers, Independent Medical Examinations (IME), Doctor Appointments, etc.
  • Lack of Knowledge of Process, Rights and Responsibilities
  • Case Study
Communication Strategies
  • "Simple Rule" Based Communication
  • "Knowledge Brokering"
  • Case Study
VRC Cultural Competency and Implications on Cooperation
  • Strategies to Improve Return to Work (RTW) Outcomes - Language, Culture Framework Impact Cooperation
  • Case Study
Vocational Outcomes When Non-Cooperation Is an Issue
  • Assessment of Employability Status at Closure, Addressing Compliance Issues
  • VRC Responsibilities When Closing Vocational Services in These Cases
Importance of Open Lines of Communication Among Stakeholders to:
  • Give the Worker the Best Opportunity to Become Compliant
  • To Make Sure to Stick to Code When Applicable
About The Presenters

Cloie B. Johnson, M.Ed., CCM, ABVE-D
  • Vocational rehabilitation counselor and case manager with OSC Vocational Systems, Inc. in Bothell, Washington
  • Has been practicing in the rehabilitation field since 1987 providing consultation, opinion and vocational expert testimony in workers' compensation, personal injury and employment discrimination cases
  • Has particular expertise in providing earning capacity assessments and preparing life care plans and medical bill reviews in injury cases involving the complicated constellation and interplay of physical, mental and emotional impairment
John R. Cary, M.A., CRC, CDMS
  • Vocational rehabilitation counselor with OSC Vocational Systems, Inc. in Burien, Washington
  • Practicing in the field of rehabilitation since 2005, he has specialized in working with persons with acquired disabilities of multiple morbidities who are non-English speaking and face complex socioeconomic factors, in both rural and urban labor markets
  • Speaking and workshop/webinar topics include: Professional Burnout/Empathy Fatigue; Cumulative Stress & Trauma in Vocational Rehabilitation Providers; PTSD in Injured Workers; The Impact of Non-Cooperation/Compliance on Rehabilitation Services; and Labor Market Survey/Research
  • Possesses high academic and professional credentials reflective of his advanced level of specialized knowledge in the field of rehabilitation
  • M.A. degree, rehabilitation counseling, Western Washington University; Western Washington University‚Äôs Outstanding Graduate Student in Rehabilitation Counseling, 2014; and CDMS and CRC designations; B.A. degree, political economics, The Evergreen State College
Jamie Gamez, M.A., CRC, CDMS
  • Has been practicing as a vocational rehabilitation counselor at OSC Vocational Systems, Inc. in Seattle since 2010, providing services to labor and industries workers' compensation cases and in personal injury cases
  • Registered vocational expert with the Social Security Administration
  • Presented on the topics such as Labor Market Survey/Research and published in the Journal of Life Care Planning
  • Holds credentials as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and Certified Disability Management Specialist
  • Bilingual in Spanish/English
  • Specializes in the arenas of vocational assessment, rehabilitation plan development and personal injury cases
Injured Workers, Non-Cooperation, And Return To Work Motivation
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