Inclement Weather Pay Policies

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Many employers are not prepared to address employment related issues that arise due to unforeseen, or even foreseen, inclement weather, until it happens.

Even those employers who are generally aware of when they are obligated to pay employees when bad weather causes interruption to their operations, do not recognize that a whole host of other issues may arise outside of the wage and hour context, including an employer's obligations under the FMLA, OSHA, ADA, or their own policies.

This webinar helps employers understand not only the various employment related considerations that may arise due to inclement weather, but provides employers concrete examples on how to address these situations.

You will receive guidance on how to get ahead of the storm and implement clear and consistent policies so that the relevant individuals within your business operations are prepared in advance to diffuse any issues.

While this topic is critical to employers with operations located in areas subject to extreme or winter weather, it will also be useful to all employers regardless of location as preparedness is vitally important when dealing with something as unpredictable as mother nature.What You'll Learn:When Must Employers Pay Employees in Situations Involving Inclement Weather and Other Wage and Hour Considerations?
  • Exempt vs. Nonexempt, the Distinction Matters
  • Does the FLSA Require You to Pay Employees Who Miss Work Because of the Weather?
  • Considerations When There Is a Business Closure
  • How to Treat On-Call, Waiting or Standby Time
Appropriate Treatment of an Employee's Absences or Refusal to Work
  • Use of Vacation or PTO Time and Ensuring Your Policies Are Clear and Consistently Enforced
  • Counting Absences Due to a Storm Against an Employee's FMLA Allotment
  • Disability Under the ADA and Reasonable Accommodations
  • Refusal to Work and Permissible Disciplinary Actions
How to Prepare Your Business to Respond to Weather-Related Employment Issues
  • Drafting Effective Inclement Weather Policies for Pay, Attendance and Other Issue
  • Written Preparedness Plans and Getting Ahead of the Storm
  • Workplace Safety and Compliance With OSHA
Inclement Weather Pay Policies
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