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ICE Raids And Audits: What's Happening Now And How To Respond

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President Trump continues to warn that ICE raids are coming soon, which has immigrants, and in many cases, their employers, on edge. And rightfully so.

Do you know what to do, and what not to do, if agents with Immigration Customs and Enforcement show up at your worksite?

And, do you know how to communicate with your workforce in a way to minimize anxiety and stress and maintain productivity?

Join us for an all-new webinar on how to handle ICE raids and audits of the workplace. A skilled immigration attorney will walk you through the compliance danger zones to watch out for if ICE agents descend on your workplace and how to preserve your company's legal rights while complying with your legal obligations under federal law.What You'll Learn:
  • The important distinction between an ICE audit and an ICE raid
  • What you must do and what you may refuse to do
  • The roles and responsibilities of key team members at various levels of your organization
  • How to negotiate for additional time from ICE following a Notice of Suspect Employees to prevent your business from shutting down due to labor shortages
  • Tips for communicating with workers about ICE's activities-what to share, when, and how
  • 5 things you should be prepared to do in the event of an ICE audit-and what you should never do
  • 5 things to expect in the event of an ICE raid
  • How to handle calls from the media or concerned workers' family members about what's going on in the event that a worker is removed from the worksite and detained during a raid
  • How to effectively and humanely manage the workforce and maintain productivity during times of ICE-related turmoil
  • How to respond to the SSA's revived policy of mailing out "no-match letters"
  • And much more, including live Q&A!
ICE Raids And Audits: What's Happening Now And How To Respond
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