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HR's Guide To Medical Marijuana In The Workplace

Webinar: ID# 1026494
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About This Course:
With new state laws having legalized medicinal and recreational marijuana, many HR Professionals are confused on how to apply their organization's drug-free workplace policies and/or handle issues with applicants or employees who may fail a drug screen due to medical marijuana.

For instance, do you have to hire an applicant if you are in a state in which medical marijuana is lawful, or are you allowed to refuse to hire anyone who tests positive for marijuana?

What if an applicant for employment with your company fails your drug screen. What are your obligations?

What if an employee comes to you after testing positive and claims that they have a medical marijuana card and are allowed to use medical marijuana out of the workplace, which is why they tested positive?

Additionally, must you provide individuals with a "reasonable accommodation" under ADA law that allows them to use medical marijuana in your workplace if they use it for medicinal purposes in a state that has legalized marijuana?

Issues such as these highlight just some of the many questions for HR, and the answers may surprise you!What You'll Learn:This audio conference covers what the laws legalizing medical marijuana actually mean for you and your organization.

By attending this training session, you will learn about the current state laws relating to medical and recreational marijuana, as well as:
  • What you should do if an employee who uses medical marijuana lawfully in your state tests positive for marijuana on a drug screen
  • Must you allow an employee who may lawfully use marijuana for medicinal purposes in your state to use it or be under the influence in your workplace?
  • Whether it would be a reasonable accommodation under the ADA to allow an employee to use marijuana or be under the influence at work
  • Understand what it means to need marijuana for medical usage
  • Review an employer's obligations regarding allowing medical marijuana usage in the workplace
  • What are an employer's obligation vis-à-vis the employment laws and their interaction with these new state medical marijuana laws
  • Methods for handling an employee's use of medical marijuana with regard to drug screens
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HR's Guide To Medical Marijuana In The Workplace
Available 1:00 till 2:30pm Eastern or via On-Demand
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