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Hiring Danger Zones: How To Avoid Legal Risks When Interviewing And Pre-employment Testing

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Interviewing and pre-employment testing provide valuable insight and are excellent tools to help companies make the best hiring decisions. But, sometimes interview questions and the use of personality or skills tests can be fraught with legal issues, many of which could lead to a company-killing class action. Employers need to know the right questions to ask, and the ones to avoid, in an interview, how to ensure the validity of pre-employment tests, and steer clear of the ticking legal time bombs that can be associated with their use.

Unless you prefer to be sued, there are certain questions that you simply cannot ask during an interview. And, while pre-employment tests can be useful in gauging whether the candidate will make a good fit for the position, the EEOC does not like them. Just as employers must be clear on what questions they can and cannot ask during an interview, there are guidelines on whether certain tests will have an adverse impact on a protected group.

Also, there are ADA considerations for pre-employment testing. If the test tends to screen out a person with a disability, there must be a legitimate, job-related reason for it. If you are using pre-employment tests, it is wise (and indeed cannot hurt) to give them a second look to make sure your process is necessary and defensible.

Find out more about these hiring "danger zones". Attend our in-depth webinar with a seasoned employment attorney and learn the legal do's and don'ts of asking the right questions during interviews and properly using pre-employment testing.What You'll Learn:
  • Tell when certain questions in an interview can trigger a legal issue
  • Recognize when certain questions are not allowed-and why
  • Establish proper in-house procedures for interviews to avoid asking the wrong questions
  • Identify the different types of preemployment and/or personality tests, and determine whether certain types would be useful in your selection process or not
  • Properly validate preemployment tests
  • Recognize legal issues concerning the use of preemployment tests and how to assess whether the tests you're using are up to snuff
  • Tell if certain tests could discriminate or have an adverse effect on a protected group
  • And much more!

Hiring Danger Zones: How To Avoid Legal Risks When Interviewing And Pre-employment Testing
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