Hazardous Or Not Under RCRA: How To Determine Haz Waste Compliance Obligations And Avoid Fines Under The EPA's Final Rule

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About This Course:
Over the past year, maximum civil penalties for RCRA hazardous waste generation violations have doubled from $37,500 to $70,117 per violation, per day. That’s a significant increase of over $30,00!

While the EPA may consider mitigating factors such as severity of the offense and a company’s compliance efforts, the potential fines organizations face could still be crippling given the recent increase, which went into effect in August 2016.

And, if your company is a hazardous waste generator, the possibilities for RCRA violations are almost endless. The EPA could come at you from many angles to assess penalties and fines, from fining you for the containers, tanks, and chemicals being used to scrutinizing your recordkeeping and training practices.

One of the best ways to minimize the risk of facing steep penalties for RCRA hazardous waste violations is to become educated on the types of policies and practices that lead EPA inspections to cite a company. By looking closely at these violations and adding them to your hazardous waste generation inspection and audit processes, you’ll be better prepared to reduce your compliance risks and avoid crippling fines.

Join us to learn how to identify, correct, and avoid the most common RCRA hazardous waste mistakes.

You’ll learn:
  • Typical RCRA hazardous waste violations to avoid concerning:
    • Labeling
    • Recordkeeping
    • Storage accumulation time limits
    • Container integrity
    • Storage compatibility
    • Contingency plans
    • Inspection documentation
    • Waste identification
    • Training
    • Universal waste management
  • Tips for implementing an effective routine inspection process—so you can ensure ongoing compliance with the RCRA hazardous waste regulations
  • Citations, fines, and penalties that you’re likely in for if you commit RCRA hazardous waste violations—and the types of company policy and procedural fixes you can make to minimize those risks
  • Why it’s crucial to understand RCRA’s Civil Penalty Policy
  • Training methods to consider, so employees are aware of the organization’s hazardous waste compliance responsibilities
  • How to evaluate whether your existing hazardous waste management programs and procedures are in compliance with existing regulatory requirements, including the new Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule
About Your Presenter:

Gery Giannini
Director of Safety Sales & Training
Heritage Group Safety

Gery P. Giannini, CET, CIT, MTM, is the director of safety sales and training at Heritage Group Safety. He has a diverse consulting background, including site safety and compliance audits, assisting customers in the design and development of site safety program, and customizing site-specific training programs. Some of his specialties are focused on asbestos operations and maintenance programs and chemical hazard response and emergency rescue. He employs a number of creative hands-on and tabletop training techniques in his courses to ensure competency in subject matter and that employees can demonstrate required technical skills.
Hazardous Or Not Under RCRA: How To Determine Haz Waste Compliance Obligations And Avoid Fines Under The EPA's Final Rule
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