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Hazard Recognition And Control: How To Effectively Identify Occupational Risks For Injury Prevention

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About This Course:
Learning how to recognize and address hazards in the workplace is imperative to operational success, but where do you start that process? Accurately measuring, monitoring and improving business operations is a constant challenge, and one of the key areas that is critical to operational success and the bottom-line is implementing a thorough and comprehensive hazard recognition and control process.

There are different approaches and systems for accomplishing productive hazard recognition and control. For a process to be effective, it is necessary to not only have a proven method but also to have proficiency in executing the process.

The trick is to find a hazard recognition and control methodology that has a proven track record. Once you have found an effective model and process that makes sense to everyone in the organization, you have positioned your organization to begin to reduce the risk and reap the benefits to the bottom-line.

Join us when Kevin Slates, a Clinical Associate Professor at Indiana University and seasoned safety professional who has helped organizations effectively develop and implement hazard recognition and control programs, will provide participants with methods to comprehensively identify and eliminate hazards in the workplace that will reduce both risk and injuries.

You’ll learn:
  • Elements and strategies of a comprehensive hazard recognition and control process
  • How to evaluate company-specific factors that need to be considered in designing a successful hazard recognition and control process for your organization
  • Hazard recognition prioritization to assure the most effective allocation of resources for correcting and control
  • How to ensure that your process is tailored to assure that it meets the objectives of all company stakeholders
  • Strategies to measure overall implementation performance to determine if safety performance and hazard reduction control and control goals are being achieved
  • How to identify and evaluate outside resources to help you in developing and implementing a successful hazard recognition and control program
About Your Presenter:

Kevin Slates
Clinical Associate Professor
Indiana University

Kevin Slates, Ed.D., MPA, BS, CSP is a Clinical Associate Professor in the department of Applied Health Science at Indiana University. Mr. Slates is also the Safety Program Coordinator at the university and teaches graduate and undergraduate courses safety, industrial hygiene and environmental health. His research interests include program evaluation, EHS management systems, safety culture, health disparities and exposure assessment. Mr. Slate’s experience includes working for the Kentucky Occupational Safety Health Program and the Environmental Public Protection Cabinet as a manager, consultant and inspector. His dissertation examined safety performance metrics and government VPP partnership programs.
Hazard Recognition And Control: How To Effectively Identify Occupational Risks For Injury Prevention
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